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If you have to discuss bias, you're biased

Media Matters reported on a curious question Chris Matthews posed to Tucker Carlson on Friday's Hardball: "Do you think our network is getting too conservative?"

Of course MSNBC's roster of right-wing hosts is growing. But that's only symptomatic of the real issue.

The question itself is the issue. Bias should never have to be discussed. And most of all, when pundits are reporting on themselves, the press becomes the story and there goes the ballgame. Every second they spend masturbating, is one less second they can spend on doing their job (reporting the news and watchdogging the government for their viewers).

If you have to ask, "Is my body getting too much cancer?" there's one thing for certain: you HAVE cancer. The other thing that's for certain is, you're asking the wrong goddamn questions.