Benghazi Epic Fail Ethics

I’m Not Fundraising Off Benghazi Except When I Am

Speaking of lunatic Allen West, his friend Representative Tom Cotton (R-AR) has pledged not to raise funds off Benghazi but he will do just that next weekend.

“I won’t do that,” he pledged, “but every Republican and Democrat alike is going to have to decide how they’re going to conduct their campaigns and also how they’re going to approach this matter.” But this Saturday, he is hosting a fundraising lunch with former Congressman Allen West (R-FL), who has consistently sought to use the 2012 attacks as a tool to raise money for his leadership PAC.

Allen West was one of the first people out of the gate with fundraising pitches following John Boehner’s announcement of the Select Solyndra IRS Committee to Investigate the Benghazi ACORN Birth Certificate.

West asked his supporters to chip in $5 today to help him run for Congress again so he can expose the truth about Benghazi.

This is all a distraction. Somehow.