Mail Bag

I'm Tasteless

From the wingnut mailbag:

"Don't touch my SUV or F-150 or I'll shoot you with the handgun you don't want me to own or spit a mouthful of chocolate candy in your face that you don't want me to eat. [...] Your "Goddamn Awesome Blog" tag line is juvenile and tasteless but it seems to fit your overall stupidity."

This guy just threatened to shoot me, but my blog title is "tasteless." Awesome.

UPDATE: Here's another one from the puritan right-wing.

Subject: Awesome Blog!
Message: Not! You are such a fucking pussy. Take your Pious and shove it up your ass, you smug anti-war pussy. Smelling your own farts eh? The folks at Southpark have assholes like you down pat. Pussy!