George W. Bush

Impeach him now.

A child can understand why George W. Bush needs to be let go from his job. Whether he is uncaring or imcompetent (I'm thinking some of both) doesn't matter. His actions are clear. To say he screwed up is a MASSIVE understatement. He took actions that directly led to the SCALE of a disaster we're only just beginning to fathom. And, shockingly, he has continued to act in a way that only increases the level of death and destruction to American life.

Hunter over at Daily Kos sums the whole horrible situation brilliantly. Here's an excerpt:

This was a disaster the country had been preparing for. This was one of the disasters most predicted, most feared, most planned for. There was two days of advance warning, as the massive, category 5 hurricane shifted purposefully towards New Orleans. This was no terrorist attack -- this time, there was warning. This time, there was knowledge.

These deaths, these men, these women, these infants dying now in these hours didn't have to happen. They did not have to die waiting for convoys to gather outside their city or for reservists to stand alongside their shattered police forces. They did not have to wait in darkness and fear for help to arrive, only to struggle for days without that help ever coming.

This is not politics. This is not partisanship.

This is unforgivable.

Do we have to wait to start counting bodies in the thousands to begin impeachment proceedings?