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Impeachment is Right Around the Corner Says Concerned Congressman

Representative Tom Marino (R-PA) recently told his constituents that we're "getting close" to impeaching President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder for reasons.

“People say, ‘should the president be impeached?’ I say, we’re getting close to that,” the Marino said in a video posted on YouTube Wednesday by the local newspaper, the Wellsboro Gazette. [...] “I think when an attorney general says, ‘I am not enforcing the law that I took the oath to enforce,’ that’s approaching impeachment.”

There must be something in this process that Marino failed to mention, such as what they're guilty of.

It's not as if you can simply say we're close to impeaching the president and attorney general and then collect your profit. They have to actually commit an impeachable offense before they can be impeached.

In the video below, Marino demonstrates that he knows how the process of impeachment works, but he does not explain what the president is "close to" being impeached for.

Former House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa spent nearly four years searching for something, anything, to impeach the president for and he came up empty handed. If there has been no impeachment by now, it isn't going to happen.