President Obama

Impeachment Talk is 'Far-fetched'

Steve Benen disagrees about a Republican Congress impeaching President Obama:

There's no real limit to what House Republicans are capable of, but the notion that the GOP would try to impeach President Obama seems extremely far-fetched. For one thing, the president hasn't gotten stuck in any scandals, and there's no special prosecutor running around digging up dirt. For another, self-interested Republicans would fear an intense public backlash. The idea seems pretty silly.

For my part, I'm not suggesting they'll be successful. But I absolutely believe they'll try. Whatever it takes to shut down and humiliate the Obama presidency. Again, this is the party that tried to pass a resolution condemning the use of "czars" even though it's a shorthand word invented by the press. This is the party of "death panels." They might not have a special prosecutor digging up dirt, but does this iteration of the GOP really need actual dirt?

Anyway, I really, really hope I'm wrong. I just have zero regard for the reason and rationality of modern Republicans.