Incoming President Files Lawsuit to Pay Less Tax On His Government-Leased Property

Written by SK Ashby

Attorneys representing despot-elect Donald Trump have filed a lawsuit aimed at lowering the property tax bill for his new D.C. hotel located at the Old Post Office.

In short, the incoming president is arguing that his property is worth less than city officials estimated.

Trump’s first suit over the Old Post Office building was dismissed by a judge in October. His attorneys re-filed a petition in D.C. Superior Court alleging an incorrect standard was used to calculate the $1.7 million property tax bill for the hotel and surrounding parcels in 2015, which was paid. [...]

DC officials valued the building and land at about $91 million. In previous filings, Trump’s legal team argued the property’s market value was closer to $28 million. With its initial appeals, the Trump business already lowered the tax bill slightly.

To be clear, the Old Post Office is a government property leased by Trump and converted into a hotel, meaning Trump is trying to lower his own liability by arguing that the government property is worth less to taxpayers than estimated. This giant conflict of interest can be seen from space.

Ethicists including ethics lawyers for the George W. Bush administration have called on Trump to terminate his lease of the government property to avoid conflicts of interest, but they shouldn't hold their breath.

Trump won't be sworn into office for a little over two months, but his grand kleptocracy is already taking shape.