Bob Cesca Show Indie Music Countdown

Indie Music Countdown (June 2020 Edition) 6/28/20

Written by Bob Cesca

It's all the indie music we featured on the show from June 2020, each song aired in the same order in which it first appeared. By the way, the Indie Music Countdown now has its own channel on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify and everywhere you get your podcasts, so please take a second to honor our indie recording artist with a five-star rating and review on your favorite platform. If you like what you hear, please support this show and all of our excellent indie bands. Submit your music here.

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15) Soul Crackers -- "War Medley" from 30 Years Of Soul (timecode: :44)
14) JR Moore - "What It Takes" from Write By The Sea, Vol. 2 (timecode: 5:02)
13) I Hate You Just Kidding - "Heartbeat" from Constellations (timecode: 8:37)
12) Michael McDermott - "New York, Texas" from What In The World? (timecode: 12:54)
11) Central City - "Club Noir" from Central City (timecode: 18:25)
10) Timi and Wonderland Rangers – “Baby’s Bread (Hard Times)” from Baby’s Bread (timecode: 22:56)
9) Vision Video – “In My Side” (timecode: 28:00)
8) Feather Trade – “Pale Sand” (timecode: 31:43)
7) Dave Molter – “Oh Woman, Don’t You Cry” (timecode: 35:35)
6) Arthur Nasson – “Unglued” (timecode: 39:35)
5) The Bitter Elegance – “Chasing Eden” from Hiding In the Spotlight (timecode: 42:42)
4) Seth Adam – “Thank You, Chicago” from Steel Tempered Pride (timecode: 45:53)
3) Synthetic Summer – “Moonbeam Levels” from Prince Tunes Vol. 1 (timecode: 51:02)
2) Emily McCrite – “Love At First Sight” from Chasing Calm (timecode: 54:42)
1) Project Leavesden – “My Dear Friend” from Illusion (timecode: 57:55)