Bob Cesca Show Indie Music Countdown

Indie Music Countdown (November 2021 Edition) 12/6/21

Written by Bob Cesca

It's all the indie music we featured on the show during November 2021, each song aired in the same order in which it first appeared on the Bob Cesca Show. If you like what you hear, please support this show and all of our excellent indie bands. Submit your music here.

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Support the musicians featured on the countdown:
12. Lonely Together - “Can't Believe It” (timecode 1:14)
11. Megan McDuffee - “Possession (Your Love)” from Inner Demons (4:52)
10. Divided Heaven - “Burn Me” (8:58)
9. Dave Molter - “Every Morning” (12:48)
8. Stop Calling Me Frank - “5000 Miles” from Spider In My Beer And Other Songs (16:29)
7. George Harris - “Catalog Man” (21:11)
6. Elijah Bone - “You'll Want Me Back” (23:30)
5. Joe Matera - “Inside Looking Out” (27:47)
4. Emy Taliana - “Everything Is Love” from Everything Is Love (32:00)
3. Brad Brooks - “Calling Everyone” from Harmony Of Passing Light (35:56)
2. Matt Jaffe - “Early Winter” from Undertoad (39:42)
1. Feed Your Wolves - “Stars” from Hurricane (42:34)