Infrastructure Plan

Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist - Jimmy Margulies)

In other news, Russian hackers penetrated computer systems in over twice as many states as previously reported. It's something of a paradox that our decentralized election system run by states is somehow both more vulnerable to attack and also harder to corrupt.

Meanwhile, Senator Lindsey Graham says Trump couldn't have colluded with the Russians because he "can’t collude with his own government." That's their best defense at this point.

Finally, authorities in Tampa, Florida say a neo-Nazi man, Brandon Russell, who killed his roommates was also in possession of bombmaking materials and planned to carry out attacks on critical infrastructure and synagogues.

That's not funny, but this one detail is slightly amusing.

Monroe County sheriff's deputies found Russell in a Burger King restaurant in Key Largo. With him was another man, identified in a Monroe County sheriff's report as William James Tschantre, 20. Reached via phone Monday, Tschantre declined to talk to a reporter. [...]

The other man, according to prosecutors, described himself as one of Russell's best friends. They had met in an online forum dedicated to discussions of fascism, Nazism and "current trends" in hate for the government, according to the prosecutors' motion.

He said the Atomwaffen group had about 30 members nationwide, according to the court document. And he said Russell screened those who wanted to join because he did not want those who were "complete idiots."

Russell's friend had quit his fast-food job and grabbed his life savings of $3,000 before leaving town with Russell. He said they had no specific destination and no plans to harm anyone.

So much for that idea.