Initial Vaccine Deliveries Fall Short of Trump Regime Promises

Written by SK Ashby

We know it will be months if not half of an entire year before the general public can line up at their local pharmacy for a coronavirus vaccine, but initial supplies will apparently be even more limited than expected.

I can't imagine it surprises many people, but the Trump regime reportedly overpromised and individual states are expecting far fewer doses than they expected this month.

From the Washington Post:

“I come from a family of seven siblings, and best practice was always to have seven of everything being given out,” said Joe Sullivan, a senior health adviser in Oregon, which is expecting about 35,000 doses in the initial wave from Pfizer. “But we know that’s not possible in this case.”

Maine, meanwhile, saw its allotment fall from a previous estimate of 36,000 to just 12,675 doses, officials in the state said. “This is far less than what is needed for Maine and proportionally for other states as well,” Gov. Janet Mills (D) said at a news conference this past week.

The gap reflects the disconnect between Trump’s campaign promises, as well as the optimistic estimates from some drug companies, and scientific and manufacturing realities.

In some cases, states do not expect to receive enough doses even for all of their emergency services personnel, much less anyone else beyond that.

You know, it seems obvious that the Trump regime would botch the initial rollout on their way out the door, but this highlights the fact that everyone will need to exercise caution and continue wearing masks for months to come. And unless you are in a high risk group, you probably won't receive a vaccine until next summer. I know I won't.

To some extent this is expected, but I can't help but wonder if the Biden administration will discover more flaws in the regime's plans next month. There's little doubt in my mind that we would all end up waiting significantly longer to receive a vaccine if Trump was reelected.