Insane Like John McCain


The Voice Inside Hillary's Head:

"Iowa doesn't matter. Ten more delegates don't matter. Superdelegates matter. Except the traitors who cannot see that I am the only person except for Johnny Mac who can do this job! Only ME! And Johnny! But that lucky black man with all his black luck and his latte-sipping red-state youthful urban African-American wealthy educated business-based white union voters - he thinks he can ruin this for me! He thinks after all I went through - Jones and Flowers and the one in the beret - not to mention health care and the cookies - the cookies! - and Sinbad, having to dodge sniper fire with Sinbad, and having to move to New York and that endless talking tour, pretending I care about Rochester or Jamestown or Buffalo or anywhere north of Westchester County for God's sake, and being so careful, so so so so so careful, no bills to speak of with any taint of political danger on them, all the votes vetted, polled, even the Iraq one, can't take that back, but so what, who cares, does anybody care anymore, would they care anymore if the lucky black man didn't keep bringing it up?! After all that, all I've been through, he thinks he can waltz in with his charmed life and his internet savvy and his millions of dollars and tens of thousands of contributors and all his stupid pledged delegates and voters, just fly in on a cloud of pixie dust and take this away from ME!?! FROM ME?!?!? OR FROM MY BELOVED JOHNNY MAC?!?!? NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Oh, and try to remember: wave with only one hand at a time. And laughing doesn't sound like hatred."