Inspector General: No Deaths at VA Hospital Because of Delays

This is not to say that everything is or was fine at the VA hospital in Phoenix, but a review by the department’s Inspector General has found that the widely repeated story about deaths was not true.

From the Associated Press:

The VA’s Office of Inspector General has been investigating the delays for months and shared a draft report of its findings with VA officials.

In a written memorandum about the report, VA Secretary Robert A. McDonald said, “It is important to note that while OIG’s case reviews in the report document substantial delays in care, and quality-of-care concerns, OIG was unable to conclusively assert that the absence of timely quality care caused the death of these veterans.

Former VA Secretary Eric Shinseki was tarred and feathered and ultimately resigned from officer over deaths that were unrelated to delays.

This doesn’t erase the fact that veterans have waited far too long for medical care, but there is ample reason to reserve judgement in the future when allegations of malfeasance surface.

I doubt this story that partially exonerates Shinseki will receive as much play in conservative circles as the former did. It may not receive as much play in liberal circles either.

Many liberals are far too quick to buy into stories about mismanagement in the government under the current administration.