Inspectors General

Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist - Nick Anderson)

In other news, the World Health Organization (WHO) says 106,000 additional coronavirus cases were reported in the last 24 hours which is the highest daily total yet.

Time to reopen!

Meanwhile, Trump is impotently threatening to withhold unspecified funds from the states of Michigan and Nevada because they're mailing absentee ballot applications to all voters. He literally has no power to do that.

Finally, Politico reports that fired State Department inspector general Steve Linick had just completed an investigation of two of Pompeo's staff who 'failed to report workplace violence' and -- checks notes -- carried a whip on the job?

The probe into Cam Henderson, who leads the department’s Office of Protocol, and a deputy of hers, Mary-Kate Fisher, could have been another factor in what Pompeo and his deputies have described as mounting frustration with the inspector general, Steve Linick, and might have contributed to the secretary’s push to oust him. [...]

Henderson took over as the chief of the Office of Protocol last summer, after her former boss, Sean Lawler, was pushed out. Some in that office accused Lawler of intimidating and harassing his staffers, and even carrying around a whip on the job.

The inspector general had investigated further claims that Henderson and Fisher, while working under Lawler, had violated State Department policy by not reporting allegations involving Lawler and workplace violence to higher-ups. The person said Linick’s office had determined that Henderson and Fisher likely had violated regulations and that the State Department should take appropriate action.

The key here may be that the Office of Protocol, where a staffer was allegedly carrying a whip, is the office that oversaw Pompeo's secret campaign dinners.