Investigator Describes Benghazi Committee as an “Animal House” Committee

Written by SK Ashby

The Select Committee on Benghazi is the longest-running bullshit committee focused on a single incident in our nation's history, but the committee hasn't revealed anything about the attack that we didn't already know.

With the committee lazer-focused on everything but the attack itself while holding almost no public hearings, how do committee staffers occupy their time?

According to the former investigator who intends to file a lawsuit against the committee, staffers spend their time drinking and personalizing weapons.

He described to CNN an office environment in which employees spent their days Web surfing and sometimes drinking at work. He said staffers joined a “gun buying club” for “chrome-plated, monogrammed, Tiffany-style Glock 9-millimeters,” and some would spend hours at a time at work designing the personalized weapons.

To be clear, Major Podliska is no fan of Hillary Clinton and, as a life-long Republican, he says he will support the Republican nominee for president regardless of who it is.

He may not be a fan of the former Secretary of State, but according to him the committee has chosen to "hyper-focus on Hillary Clinton" to the detriment of the wider investigation.

I'd say he missed the point. Any subsequent investigation of Benghazi will necessarily be a retread of information and testimony already covered by several previous, conclusive investigations.

Hyper-focusing on Hillary Clinton was always the mission.