Election 2012

Is Huntsman the Next Flavor of the Month?

Conservatives are learning what the rest of us already knew: while Huntsman sounds "reasonable," he's a far-right conservative who's attracting the attention of Erick Erickson and his ilk. TPM:

As they continue their desperate quest to find an alternative candidate to Mitt Romney, conservatives are starting to come around to Huntsman, the former governor of Utah and Obama ambassador to China who kicked off his campaign with a full-throated endorsement of the Ryan Budget.

That went largely unheard thanks to a campaign strategy that positioned Huntsman as a moderate and therefore anathema to this cycle’s GOP primary electorate. Now, perhaps, that’s changing.

Last month, the influential Erick Erickson gave Huntsman a second look, leading to a lot of tweets and discussion. Friday morning, George Will told Laura Ingraham that frustrated conservatives should start thinking Huntsman.