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Is Our Children Learning?

Wisconsin governor and Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker appeared on Fox & Friends yesterday where host Brian Kilmeade asked him about proposals to raise the minimum wage.

But we don't need to raise the minimum wage, according to Walker, because the best way to boost wages is to educate.

WALKER: The best way to do that is to … I don’t want to fight about the minimum wage. I want to lift everybody up, and the way to do that is through education. You don’t do that through a government dictate, you say let’s get people the education and the skills and the qualifications they need for careers that pay far more than the minimum wage. That should be our ultimate goal. People will be better off if the get the skills they need to be worth more to their employer and they’ll be making more than that $15."

Even if you agree with Walker, there couldn't be a worse messenger than a man who recently signed a budget into law which cuts $250 million in funding from the public University of Wisconsin system.

The public university system is preparing for significant layoffs and possible tuition hikes to offset Walker's budget cuts.

The $250 million cut from the public university system will instead be used to pay for a new arena for the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team. Can we educate people at the arena?