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Is Scott Walker the Most Clueless Governor in America?

Scott Walker at GOP Convention

It's times like this that I think Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker may be the most clueless governor in America.

Taken into context with his previous comments, Walker's latest brain buster is a real doozy.

"Why is more people on Medicaid a good thing?” he said. “I’d rather find a way, particularly for able-bodied adults without children, I’d like to find a way to get them into the workforce. I think ideologically, that’s a better approach, not just as a conservative, but as an American. Have more people live the American dream if they’re not dependent on the American government.

Understanding that most people who are on Medicaid actually are currently employed is not enough because that alone doesn't convey how clueless Scott Walker is.

Walker's official position on the minimum wage is that $7.25 per hour is a living wage, but anyone living off of a $7.25 minimum wage is more than likely going to qualify for Medicaid.

If you really want more people to "live the American dream" and not be dependent on the government, raising the minimum wage would be a good first step.

Raising the minimum wage would save the government money because fewer people would be reliant on government assistance, but conservatives cannot get past the idea that increasing the minimum wage is some kind of handout for worthless scabs.