War On Women

Is This It?

The Republicans have gone from denying that a War on Women exists, with RNC chairman Reince Priebus calling it "a fiction," to now finally admitting there is a War on Women.

The only catch is they aren't the ones waging the war. It's actually the work of that darn Obama.

On Tuesday, Romney surrogate Bay Buchanan, former treasurer to President Reagan, pushed back aggressively in a call with reporters, suggesting that the “real war on women” is reflective in President Obama’s handling of the economy. The impacts of his policies, she said, have been “frightening,” “unsettling” and “an outrage.”

“It’s clear his policies have failed women miserably,” Buchanan said. “It has set women in the workplace back 20 years and we certainly can’t afford it, nor can the children of these women, afford to continue in this direction.”

Right. And in the alternate universe Bay Buchanan resides in, Democrats are the ones producing abortion bills, birth control bans, repealing equal-pay laws, mandating ultrasounds, and calling people sluts.

The Republicans clearly have no credible response to this. If they did, we would have seen it by now. The only response they have is to project onto others, and that's not going to work.

To assume this strategy will work is just another insult to women.