Terrorism Wingnuts

Is This Peak Fearmonger?


Peak Fearmongering may be a myth, but I’d say this comes close to being the real deal.

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson (R) told NewsmaxTV that it’s a “real and present danger” that ISIS terrorists may intentionally infect themselves with Ebola and then travel to American as viral suicide bombers.

“Well, it’s certainly something I’ve been thinking about ever since this Ebola outbreak started,” Johnson said. “You really don’t even want to think about. You don’t even really want to talk about, but we should do everything possible to defend ourselves against that possibility because I think that is a real and present danger.”

When the Ebola outbreak began in Africa, I imagine the average person thought to themselves “I hope it doesn’t kill too many people” or “I hope it doesn’t spread.”

Ron Johnson’s first thought was “I hope ISIS doesn’t infect themselves on purpose and bring it here.”

We can treat Ebola but there’s no cure for what afflicts Ron Johnson.