Donald Trump

Is Trump Legally Blind?

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

If you've watched even a single Trump speech, you know he's notoriously bad at reading and it may be because he's visually impaired.

The New York Times did a deep dive on Trump's use of Twitter and within that report they buried a nugget about Trump being unable to read his iPhone.

The Times reports that we've never seen video of Trump tweeting in public because he literally can't.

That’s because he doesn’t like to wear the reading glasses he needs to see his iPhone screen. Instead, the president dictates tweets to Dan Scavino, the White House social media director. Sometimes, Mr. Scavino prints out suggested tweets in extra-large fonts for Mr. Trump to sign off on.

As someone who wears glasses when reading and typing, there's no shame in it! Wear glasses whenever you need them.

We have a "president" who routinely embarrasses himself and the nation -- making all of us look like idiots for electing him (I mean, we are) -- because he's afraid of being seen with glasses on.

He might actually look less ridiculous with glasses on. I know I do.

  • muselet

    If nothing else, this provides context for some of Donald Trump’s more inexplicable tweets.

    Not wanting to be seen wearing glasses makes Trump more vain than the stereotypical teenaged girl.


  • Nefercat

    He might actually look less ridiculous with glasses on. I know I do.

    Well, unless he goes to Rick Perry or S E Cupp for glasses fashion advice and comes home with those look-me-so-smart glasses.

  • Username1016

    His hair is white and he has male pattern baldness. He did what he could with a “scalp reduction” and he slathers on the hair dye and hairspray, but seriously, who is he fooling? He’s a very old 73 (and I say that as someone who knows quite a few young 73s).

  • 1933john

    What do you mean “we”!

  • waspuppet

    He’s 73 fcking years old. He’s afraid that if he wears reading glasses he’ll look — old? He won’t be able to pull the 26-year-olds anymore?