Conspiracy Theory President Obama Wingnuts

It Could Happen

Republicans in Delkab County, Alabama are warning local residents that if they reelect their Democratic sheriff, he may help President Obama suspend the 2016 election and usurp all power.

In a letter mailed to local voters, a prominent party donor posed the fantastical scenario.

“Obama is determined to be a dictator with the executive orders he signs,” she wrote. “He has left the US Constitution in shreds. If Obama decides to run again (against US law) or declares a National Emergency to suspend elections in 2016, what will our Democrat sheriff do? I am concerned he will go along with this lawless president.”


For his part, the local sheriff’s Republican opponent Rex Leath shares the concern that the president may declare martial law, saying that he doesn’t know “what [the president] is capable of doing at this point”

It remains a mystery why the all-scheming, all-usurping lawless dictator president tolerates the existence of such imbeciles.