War On Women

It’s a Fiction!

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker detonated a bomb in the War on Women last night, signing several bills while no one was watching.

Unfortunately for him, there's a thing called the internet where people have access to and share information.

MADISON – Yesterday, Governor Scott Walker signed four bills in the Republican War on Women agenda into law. The bills signed into law include Senate Bill 237, which repeals the Healthy Youth Act regarding sex education for our youth; SB-92, which bans insurance companies from covering abortions; SB-306, which adds barriers to women seeking abortion; and SB-202, which repeals Wisconsin’s Equal Pay enforcement law.

More on the latter

Wisconsin's Equal Pay Enforcement Act, which made it easier for workers to sue their employers for wage discrimination, was passed in 2009. Recently, the state's Republican-controlled legislature voted to repeal it — and late last night, Gov. Scott Walker signed the repeal.

But I thought the War on Women was just a fiction? Reince Priebus said so!

You're doing great!