It's Cold in Alaska and Al Gore is Fat

Sarah Palin on her Facebook (ugh):

A friend emailed me this notice from her local Alaskan school today. As the school notice makes clear: anything above -55 degrees below zero is warm enough for our Alaskan young’uns! Global warming? What global warming?

Get it? It's cold in Alaska therefore there's no such thing as global warming. By this logic, if Palin's hair isn't on fire, then there's no such thing as fire!

Such a moron.

Like all deniers, she's confusing climate and weather. It's cold in Alaska right now because it's close to the Arctic during winter time. It's dark most of the time during the winter months and the northern hemisphere is tilted away from the sun. In other parts of the world, it's warm -- even swelteringly hot. If you average all of the various temperatures from every part of the world at any given moment and chart them over time, the planet is getting warmer. FACT.