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It’s Happening: Ben Carson’s Greatest Hits

Written by SK Ashby

The esteemed Doctor Ben Carson has formally launched his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination.

DETROIT (AP) — Retired surgeon Ben Carson declared his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination Monday, resting his longshot bid on his vision of the nation as "a place of dreams" where people can thrive when freed from an overbearing government. [...]

"It's time for people to rise up and take the government back," he said. "The political class won't like me saying things like that. The political class comes from both parties."

Much to my delight, Carson joins a very crowded field of lunatics who may or may not truly want to be president as much as they want to increase the amount of money they can charge for speaking.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but here are some my favorite Ben Carson moments which we've highlighted here.

Ben Carson favorably compares American revolutionaries to ISIS.

“A bunch of rag-tag militiamen defeated the most powerful and professional military force on the planet. Why? Because they believed in what they were doing. They were willing to die for what they believed in. Fast forward to today. What do we have? You’ve got ISIS. They’ve got the wrong philosophy, but they’re willing to die for it while we are busily giving away every belief and every value for the sake of political correctness. We have to change that.”

Ben Carson says Advanced Placement U.S. History will make you want to join ISIS.

"I mean I think most people, when they finished that course, they’d be ready to go sign up for ISIS. This is what we’re doing to the young people in our nation. And we have got to stop this silliness."

Ben Carson said the president may be guilty of "treason" if House Republicans shut down the Department of Homeland Security.

"If he does stand in the way, particularly of things that are vital to the security of this country, then I think we can start talking about treason."

Ben Carson says our military must be allowed to commit war crimes if we want to defeat ISIS.

"Our military needs to know that they’re not gonna be prosecuted when they come back, because somebody has, said 'You did something that was politically incorrect.' There is no such thing as a politically correct war. We need to grow up, we need to mature. If you’re gonna have rules for war, you should just have a rule that says no war. Other than that, we have to win."

Ben Carson also says LGBT rights activists are agents of the New World Order.

If you have a favorite Ben Carson moment that I did not list here, feel free to share.