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It’s Happening: Bobby Jindal is Running for President

Written by SK Ashby

Given his dismal approval rating, the path of destruction he has carved through Louisiana, his unparalleled dumbstupid and unbridled buffoonery, I was beginning to doubt that Governor Bobby Jindal would run for president.

My doubts were clearly unfounded. Multiple outlets are reporting that Jindal will announce that he is running for president at a public event which will be held at some point in time this evening.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is set to announce Wednesday that he is running for the Republican nomination for president, in a long shot bid that will rely on wooing the socially conservative voters who dominate early primary states. [...]

“When the front-runners are still clumped together around 10%, what that tells me there is a path wide open for folks,” Mr. Jindal said in an interview last week in Washington. “I get the sense that voters are saying this isn’t about just one good impression.”

One good impression may not be enough to win, but it would be a start for Bobby Jindal; a beleaguered televangelist who is still seeking his first good impression.

Bobby Jindal is very concerned

If you haven't been keeping score, here's where we're at: Louisiana is facing a $1.6 billion budget shortfall generated by the governor's tax cuts, the public university system is dangerously close to bankruptcy, and Jindal has watched as some of his core policies, such as his use of public funds for creationist education, have been declared unconstitutional. Suffice to say, whoever becomes the next governor of Louisiana will have legacy of malfeasance and financial sleight of hand to unravel.

The good news for the nation is Jindal cannot run for a third term as governor and will soon have no control over the fate of a state in our great union. The bad news is Jindal's free time will be occupied by a run for the White House.

The latter isn't necessarily bad news if, like me, you're always on the lookout for fresh fodder.

Jindal's announcement could spell doom for the non-existent Muslim "no-go zones" of Minnesota and New York. The openly "secret" ISIS training facilities located on the other side of the border just outside El Paso, Texas may also consider moving to a new, imaginary location. Jindal's candidacy risks shinning a light on these dangerous territories that don't exist outside the hollow melon between the governor's shoulders.

There are many other problems in Jindal's Louisiana which I did not mention here, but ThinkProgress did.

Here's another classic Jindal tweet.