Election 2016 Rick Perry

It’s Happening: Rick Perry is Running for President

Written by SK Ashby

Is anyone not running for the GOP nomination?

From the Associated Press:

A senior adviser to Perry tells The Associated Press that the former governor will make the widely expected announcement that he's in the 2016 race on Thursday at an airport outside Dallas. The adviser requested anonymity to speak ahead of the formal announcement. [...]

Perry blamed lingering pain from back surgery in the summer of 2011 for part of the reason he performed poorly in the 2012 campaign. He has ditched his trademark cowboy boots for more comfortable footwear and wears glasses that give him a serious look.

I've lost count of how many prospective lunatics have declared their candidacy, but it seems clear that the 10 candidate threshold the RNC has set for primary debates is too few. Because if only 10 candidates are allowed appear in primary debates, as many as 10 to 15 others could be shut out.

If the RNC is looking for solutions, I propose breaking the candidates up into separate divisions like an NCAA bracket. You can seed them accordingly.