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It’s Killing Mitt Romney

In his interview with Fox News this Sunday, the unexceptional Mitt Romney opened up about all manner of issues we’re facing today, but also reminded people of his passion for leading the 47% who want to take what he has, saying:

“I wish I were there.  It kills me not to be there, not to be in the White House doing what needs to be done.”

Golly he wishes he was leading so badly! Oooh! It’s killing him! But what needs to be done that is killing Mitt Romney and his undying love for leading America? What should a real president be doing to steer the country out of this ditch, Mitt?

“The president is the leader of the nation.  The president brings people together, does the deals, does the trades, knocks the heads together; the president leads and I don’t see that kind of  leadership happening right now,” said Romney.

“He’s campaigning,” he added.

Mitt Romney could have been that leader. The leader of a nation– doing the deals; doing the trades; knocking the heads together. President Obama, unfortunately is out there campaigning for a third term, unlike Mitt Romney who is out there freelancing as a bottomless cup of wisdom, offering up his free advice on sequester:

“There should be a deal done here and it should be not just solving the short-term sequester issue, but dealing with the long-term fiscal challenge that America has…”

“I see this as this huge opportunity and it’s being squandered by politics, by people who are more interested in a political victory than they are in doing what’s right for the country.”

Huge opportunity to get in on the ground floor of dirt floors, America. Mitt Romney wouldn’t have squandered the opportunity to stand up to the scourge of politics. In his whole life of campaigning for public office, he’s never seen so much squandering of opportunities. This is unexceptional!

On Immigration:

“People who have come here illegally should not be given a special pathway to permanent residency or citizenship in this country merely because they’ve come here illegally.”

No special pathways, illegals! You and your anchor babies are beneath the 47%!

On winning over minority voters, Mitt Romney admitted that he was not “effective in taking my message primarily to minority voters.”

“That was a real weakness,” he said.

Still seemingly oblivious as to why that would be. Effective messaging was a weakness and he would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn’t been for those meddling beliefs caught on camera!

Mitt Romney went on to say that he “isn’t going to disappear.” Apparently, there’s still much more work to be done to drive this country back into the ditch and hand it over to the private sector.