Jackass Quote of the Day

House Majority Shitkicker Eric Cantor joined the chorus at a Republican news conference today to convey to the American people that disaster relief will be there for them, just as soon as hes done holding it hostage.

CANTOR: As the Speaker indicated, there are people who are suffering in a big way, and they need to know that FEMA and the disaster relief monies will be there for them.

As you may recall, Eric Cantor has said from day one that providing disaster relief to the earthquake and hurricane-stricken east coast would have to be offset with other cuts, effectively holding relief hostage.

The Republicans, along with Eric Cantor, are now trying to blame Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid for killing a bill which provides disaster relief. The bill in question however, provides less aid than is needed and contains cuts to other programs to compensate for providing disaster relief. The Republicans are using this opportunity to push for more job-killing government cutbacks.

This places Eric Cantor's words in the realm of conniving at best.