Jackass Quote of the Day

“The irony is [Obama] is campaigning on the basis that he is a success as a foreign policy president. This is amazing. Navy Seal Team Six killed Osama bin Laden That is his definition of success. In 1969, when Americans landed on the moon, it is like Richard Nixon taking credit for that. It happened to occur during his presidency.” -John Bolton speaking on behalf of Mitt Romney

Except President Obama ordered the operation to find him and ordered the operation to capture or kill him, and it never would have happened without his orders.

Furthermore, the consequences had the operation gone badly would have been devastating to his presidency. It took a lot of courage to give the order.

Did he personally storm the castle? No. Did George Bush personally fly a sortie over Iraq before landing in a flight-suit to declare Mission Accomplished? No, at least not the first part.

There are few douches in the world bigger than John Bolton.