Jake Tapper is Totally On It

Wow. Check this hard-hitting Tapper segment in which he totally nails Obama and Bloomberg for mistaking automatic weapons and semi-automatic weapons.

And Tapper thinks this is somehow worthy of a debunking? It’s entirely irrelevant to the debate about gun control. Why doesn’t Tapper spend some time on whether Americans really need to own military-style assault weapons? Or the ease with which they can be purchased. Or whether the Second Amendment was intended to protect our right to violently overthrow our government as the NRA and others claim. Or whether the Second Amendment was actually written to protect slave-owners from slave rebellions. There are roughly a gazillion other topics in the gun control realm that deserve more attention than this nitpicking gotcha segment.

CNN is also bringing back Crossfire, which should add to the depth of its programming. In some ways, CNN is actually worse than Fox News. At least Fox News doesn’t pretend to be serious or legitimate.