Election 2016 Fail Poll

Jeb! Blankets the Airwaves and His Poll Numbers Drop

Written by SK Ashby

You may not place too much stock in polls at this stage of the game, but if you occupy 60 percent of the political ad space in an entire state and your poll numbers drop as a result, that seems like a big problem.

In New Hampshire, seen by many as a must-win for Bush, Bush and the Right to Rise super PAC backing him have spent at least $4.8 million on TV and radio to support him since early September. One ad-tracking firm produced an analysis for POLITICO that showed pro-Bush spots in the past three weeks have occupied about 60 percent of the political ad air-time in the state. Bush’s numbers have moved from 9 percent to 8.7 percent since the ad blitz began, according to the Real Clear Politics averages of polls in the GOP primary.

Dropping by 0.3 percent obviously isn't a seismic shift, however it is a downward shift. Jeb Bush clearly isn't getting his money's worth in New Hampshire.