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Jeb Bush is Delusional


If Jeb Bush finds himself running against Hillary Clinton next year, how will he pan her campaign?

Bush reportedly told a group of Republican lobbyists yesterday that Clinton’s campaign would be a “campaign of the past.”

According to one attendee, Bush talked about how the expected campaign of Democrat Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state under President Obama, would “be a campaign of the past dating back to what happened in the 1990s” and that his “will be candidacy of future” focusing on positive immigration reform, among other issues.

If it were anyone else considering a run against Hillary Clinton, I’d say this might work. But it isn’t anyone else. It’s Jeb Bush.

Jeb Bush.

If voters have a choice between two campaigns “of the past,” I believe they would choose the 1990s version which led to economic prosperity, not the 2000s version that led to economic ruin.

If we’re being honest, a campaign between Clinton and Bush is unlikely to happen while Jeb continues to pretend that Republican primary voters will go along with his relatively moderate positions on immigration reform and Common Core education. His Republican opponents will attack him for both.