Jeb Bush: Gay Pedophile?

Posted by JumpyPants

Jeb Bush was governor of Florida when a Republican congressman was found to be a gay pedophile. Jebby - that looks like gay child molesting taint to me. Did you procure the boys? Photograph them? Why won't you just admit the truth?

Sean Hannity worked at Fox News when a fellow anchor was found to be sexually harrassing a younger employee with loofahs and falafel. Sean - you got loofah falafal harrassment taint all over your white ass! Just admit it: you've harrassed many women whlie brandishing ocean creatures and Mediterranean chick pea-based food.

John McCain served alongside a Republican senator who was arrested for soliciting gay sex in a men's room. Oh, John - how will you ever wash the desperate old closeted queer taint!?!?!