Arizona House Passes Jim Crow for Gays Bill

Arizona postcard

Arizona’s Jim Crow for Gays law passed the Arizona House last night, clearing the final hurdle before heading to Governor Jan Brewer’s desk for a signature.

From the Associated Press

The 33-27 vote by the House Thursday evening sends the legislation to Republican Gov. Jan Brewer and puts Arizona back at the forefront of a polarizing piece of legislation four years after the state enacted an immigration crackdown that caused a national furor. [...]

All but three Republicans in the House backed Senate Bill 1062 Thursday evening. All three House Republicans who broke ranks said they had problems with the proposal, though none elaborated at length.

Will Jan Brewer sign this bill into law?

If she does, the state of Arizona could find itself in front of the Supreme Court yet again for violating the constitutional rights of its citizens. We may even get to see Paul Clement again.