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Jindal Lawsuit Against His Own Legislation Tossed Out

Written by SK Ashby

A lawsuit filed by Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal challenging the legality of Common Core education standards has been thrown out of court because it was filed three years too late.

In a statement released by his office, Jindal said he was “disappointed” by Monday’s decision and that he would support an appeal. He also pledged to fight on.

“It’s important to note that we are also still fighting Common Core in federal court, where a judge has recently ruled that our case has standing and will be heard,” Jindal said.

Under Louisiana law, Jindal was afforded two years to challenge Common Core in court, but he waited five years to file a challenge.

Why did he wait five years?

It's important to remember that Bobby Jindal personally lobbied state legislators to pass Common Core and then signed it into law himself as governor. It wasn't until several years later when Jindal looked at himself in the mirror one morning and saw a future president that he decided Common Core is the devil.

After Jindal acquired a taste for national celebrity and higher office, Jindal became a Common Core doomsayer who claims that the law he signed is anti-American.

If you were to have sympathy for anyone, it should be teachers and school administrators who quite literally don't know what they will be teaching from one year to the next as Governor Jindal hems and haws.