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(Cartoonist - David Fitzsimmons)

In other news, state employees in Alabama had the day off today for Slavery Day I mean Treason Day err... Confederate Memorial Day.

Meanwhile, the RNC says it will not participate in the doomed-to-failed Kasich/Cruz alliance against Donald Trump. Here comes the Trump nomination!

And finally, Charter is now the official owner of Time Warner Cable after reaching an agreement with the Department of Justice.

Under the seven-year settlement, Charter is prohibited from entering into or enforcing any agreement with a programmer that forbids or limits the provision of content to streaming sites. Charter also can’t retaliate against programmers for licensing to those services. [...]

The agreement, which imposes a monitor to ensure compliance by Charter, also prohibits the company from charging fees for online video providers to connect to its network, Wheeler said.

Canceling my cable TV is one of the best decisions I've ever made. I now use Sling TV.