Jobs and Opportunity

Written by SK Ashby

Very little of what's listed on the official Ted Cruz campaign website under "jobs and opportunity" would actually create jobs or opportunities, but one example of Ted Cruz-style leadership listed on the page stands out among the rest.


If Congress failed to increase the debt ceiling, leading to a default on the national debt, million of jobs could be lost.

As you probably recall, Cruz's "high standard" led to a federal government shutdown that saw nearly a million federal employees furloughed and cost the federal government billions of dollars. The shutdown also slowed GDP growth by 0.5 percent, costing 120,000 jobs in the process according to the Council of Economic Advisers.

Using debt ceiling brinksmanship as an example of job creation may be maniacal, but I can easily envision a scenario in which debt ceiling brinksmanship becomes a litmus test during the Republican primary at a time when the Repulican-controlled Congress will be deciding the fate of us all.

Sleep tight.

(h/t ThinkProgress)