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Jody Hice’s Theory of Everything: Public School Leads to Environmentalism, Homosexuality, Abortion, Cultural Tolerance


Jody Hice will probably be a member of Congress come January.

Jody Hice says public schools are just like Nazi Germany.

HICE: Obviously, if we have government — which is what the public school is — if we have government indoctrinating what students are learning, then we have a problem. This took place in Germany, friends. I’m not trying to say we are necessarily headed in that direction, but it is undeniable that one of the first things Hitler did was to grab, so to speak, the minds of the youth. And once he was able to instill in those young minds his own ideals and his own philosophy and that of the Nazi Party, then the rest of it was pretty much a piece of cake. It was a cakewalk to go through once you had the minds of the schoolchildren at every age level.

He’s not saying, he’s just sayin’.

Let’s assume for a moment that public education is a nefarious Nazi plot. If that’s the case, why hasn’t the secret society of indoctrinated brownshirts emerged yet? Public school as we know it today has been around since before World War II. What are we waiting for? Because if public education is an indoctrination mill, everyone reading this could be a sleeper agent.

After comparing public education in America to Nazi indoctrination, Hice went on to say that schools are teaching children to hate American and defend homosexuals. He also says public schools are teaching kids to respect other cultures which, I guess, is an unspeakable heresy. And he says public schools are teaching children to be pro-abortion environmentalists who freely explore their sexuality.

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He warned that schools are engaging in “the intentional training of students to dislike, to actually disdain America” and “encouraging students to freely experiment with all forms of sexuality, forcefully defend issues like abortion and homosexuality and also just encouraging students to become cultural advocates for political correctness, and there’s no tolerance for political incorrectness.

There’s the push for relativism, for globalization, for environmental agendas, the green agendas and tolerance for everybody,” he continued. “All of this stuff is now being pushed upon children in the public school system.”

The hell you say? They’re teaching “tolerance for everybody?” Burn the witch!

If even half of what he says is true, I’d say our public schools are in better shape than I thought.