John Edwards

John Edwards News Keeps Getting Worse

He was apparently a client at a high end brothel in New York -- during his campaign for president.

Earlier this month, Upper East Side mom Anna Gristina was arrested and charged with running a high end brothel catering to "powerful men." So who were those powerful men? The first big name has leaked, and it is... utterly unsurprising.

John Edwards, the guy who cheated on his wife when she had terminal cancer, was a client of the brothel, according to a report from DNA Info's Murray Weiss. Weiss's sources say that Edwards met up with the hooker in 2007 during his presidential campaign, on a trip to NYC. Furthermore, he says, the police have known for years

I don't know about you, but I'm really, really glad he didn't win the nomination in 2008. Not only was the progressive/netroots candidate in favor of finishing the job in Afghanistan (like President Obama), but he was also in favor of an individual mandate and the public option (not single payer). All that plus and the, you know, cheating on his dying wife.

In his defense, he's disgraced himself and will never hold elected office again, yet Newt Gingrich is running for president this year. Strange how that works.