Election 2016

John Kasich Drops Out of the Race

Written by SK Ashby

Ohio governor and fledgling presidential candidate John Kasich will officially drop out of the race today at 5 pm eastern according to multiple sources.

From the Associated Press:

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Ohio Gov. John Kasich is leaving the Republican presidential contest, giving Donald Trump a clear path to his party's nomination.

Kasich will announce the end of his underdog White House bid on Wednesday, according to three campaign officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the candidate's plans. The decision comes a day after Trump's only other rival, Ted Cruz, dropped out.

Confirming once again what we already knew, Donald Trump will be the GOP nominee for president in 2016.

I haven't said it's time for Bernie Sanders to drop out of the race before, but I will now. It's mathematically impossible for Bernie Sanders to win the nomination at this point. Continuing his anti-Dem campaign only helps Trump now.

Unrelated note... we're having some technical difficulties today. I'll try to do what I can, but even posting this was a struggle.