John Oliver on the GOP’s Hipster Ad

Former Daily Show comedian John Oliver is taking on the GOP’s cringe-inducing, ridiculous hipster millennial pitch and I can’t stop laughing.

Oliver released these clips from his upcoming HBO show mocking the ad.

I don’t like it when people tell me what to do like you should buy healthcare, or don’t carry a concealed weapon in this park, or hey that leather jacket is way too small for you. I can make my own decisions.

Listen, do I think we should streamline the income tax by establishing just two brackets? Ja! Standard deductions are boom shaka-laka.

Who has time to itemize anything between ironically riding a tricycle the ping pong league and having non-vaginal intercourse with girls they met Christian summer camp. Get real, government.

I’m a Republican because I believe you don’t get jobs giving handouts, you get out by giving handjobs.

Hey, me again. So I filled up my car now, still wearing the leather jacket, and we still haven’t talked about my heating bill. Next card.

I don’t know what it is, my parents pay it. But it’s probably way too high, so when it comes to energy policy for this country I’m for everything. Solar, wind, shale-gas, oil, panda blood, the elderly, bones of first generation immigrants rubbed together. What-evs.

I’m a Republicans because I’m under the impression that lower costs for energy companies will result in savings being passed on to the consumer, which is cray-cray.