Joint Session Address Is Go

TPM is reporting:

President Obama will address the country before a joint session of Congress on September 9--a key element of his bid to take charge of the health care debate as Congress returns to session after a grueling August recess.

The event will occur two days after Obama appears at a Labor day event with the AFL-CIO, which is insisting on the inclusion of the public option.

Here's what I wrote in the Huffington Post a while back:

Maybe even do one of those big Hollywood movie style presidential speeches, like the one at the end of The Contender in which President Jeff Bridges calls out that slippery douche Congressman Gary Oldman in front of a joint session.

Regardless, I think we'll get the answers to a wide variety of questions in this address. And we might even get some answers on the public option when the president speaks to the AFL-CIO. If he wants their support, he's going to have to commit to the public option.