George W. Bush

Josh Marshall: Bushies in "lying phase"

Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo brought up a typically insightful comparison between the Bushes' build up to the Iraq War and their current PR campaign for privatizing Social Security. It's an "ah-ha!" moment:

...we're now in the lying and fear-mongering phase of the campaign, which would be followed of course by a later phase in which a specific policy remedy is brought forward, nominally meant to address the fake problem.

Building on that thought, I think we can expect Bush to make some progress and pass some legislation through Congress on this front. Then, of course, we'll learn that there wasn't a problem after all (we know there isn't, but). Meanwhile, we'll have racked up 2 trillion dollars in debt and ushered in an economic collapse. Bush will claim everything is peachy. And in '06 or '08, the Republicans will run on the "fact" that they "saved Social Security" and the Democrats will only make things worse. Have we read this script before?

Read Marshall's entire piece here, along with his continuing coverage of the "War on Social Security".