Trump Regime

Judge Strikes Down Trump’s 2020 Citizenship Question

Written by SK Ashby

Good news -- U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman has sided with the New York attorney general's office and ordered the Trump regime to remove the citizenship question from the 2020 census.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross added the citizenship question on a whim and that's why Judge Furman struck down the question, to say the least.

From the Associated Press:

“He failed to consider several important aspects of the problem; alternately ignored, cherry-picked, or badly misconstrued the evidence in the record before him; acted irrationally both in light of that evidence and his own stated decisional criteria; and failed to justify significant departures from past policies and practices,” Furman wrote.

Among other things, the judge said, Ross didn’t follow a law requiring that he give Congress three years notice of any plan to add a question about citizenship to the census.

Ross didn't just add the question on a whim, he also lied about his reasons for doing so.

You may recall that Ross claimed the Jeff Sessions-led Justice Department asked him to add the citizenship question, but that never happened. Documents revealed in a separate lawsuit showed that Ross acted on his own initiative to add the question. The Trump regime also once claimed that adding a citizenship question was necessary to defend the Voting Rights Act, which is so absurd I doubt even conservatives believed it.

The Trump regime will likely appeal to this ruling to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York, but that's not necessarily friendly territory for them.

Multiple lawsuits challenging the citizenship question filed under multiple other jurisdictions are still proceeding.