Just a Coincidence?

I don't think so.

Unfortunately it isn't shocking that a Planned Parenthood office has been attacked after over a year of intense demonization, however the fact this latest attack took place in Wisconsin does not strike me as a coincidence.

Police are investigating after a homemade explosive device started a small fire at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Grand Chute, Wisconsin. A small device placed on a windowsill went off around 7:30 last night and started a fire. Firefighters responded, but the fire had burnt itself out when they arrived.

The Wisconsin Republican primary will take place tomorrow, and virtually every candidate currently campaigning in the state has vowed to end Planned Parenthood. Even Mitt Romney can be quoted for saying last week that "we'll get rid of that" in regards to Planned Parenthood. And Rick Santorum is... Rick Santorum.

Meanwhile, Republican budget chairman Paul Ryan's Path to Poverty budget framework is predicated on ending everything Planned Parenthood and similar organization stand for. And Paul Ryan, who is currently campaigning alongside Mitt Romney, is also from Wisconsin.

Fortunately the office was empty this time, but next time it may not be. Demagoguery has consequences.

The good news is if Governor Scott Walker is successfully recalled it will likely lead to a new wave of Democratic challenges of Wisconsin Republicans, including the embarrassing budget committee chairman Paul Ryan.