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To Be Clear: Perdue’s Company Was Sued by “Less Than 2,000″ Women

Picard and Riker Facepalm

When George Republican senate candidate David Perdue was asked about a lawsuit filed by managers against Dollar General (Perdue’s former company), he made it clear that the company was sued by “less than 2,000″ women.

Here’s how Perdue responded: “If you look at Dollar General as an example, there was no wrongdoing there,” he said. “That lawsuit, or that claim, or that complaint was settled five years after I had left…And it was less than 2,000 people. We had upwards of 70,000 employees in that company.”

Oh. I’m glad he cleared that up. “Less than 2,000″ is still a very high number, but at least it’s not more than 2,000.

Unless it was.

As Mother Jones points out, the class action lawsuit was filed by 2,100 managers, all of whom were women, because they were paid less money than their male counterparts during David Perdue’s time as CEO.

Dollar General settled with the female managers outside of court so the company, and by extension, David Perdue, wouldn’t be forced to admit any wrongdoing.

Will voters in Georgia elect a man whose claim to fame will be that he was once sued by less than 2,000 women? A man who said he was proud of his record of outsourcing jobs? A man who implied that outsourcing is somehow patriotic?