George W. Bush

Just so long as I'm the dictator

This is the crossroads moment for America. Clearly the Bush Regime and their Congressional allies have disregarded the Constitution in so many ways -- and around half of America (on average) has gone along with it like the cult followers they are.

But this MUST STOP. The wiretapping and Bush's defiance in his radio address is the absolute last straw. He must be impeached along with all his cronies. Their laws have to be repealed and the work of correcting the wrongs of the last five years must begin in earnest. NOW!

SusanG from Daily Kos:

This appears to me to be a true "line in the sand" moment for America, with a president openly and defiantly declaring himself ready to continue a program that legal scholars, members of Congress and - according to the Friday New York Times article that started this all - several NSA analysts themselves believe to be unconstitutional.

There appears to be no acknowledgement whatsoever of concerns voiced by critics of the program. There is the feeling in the air about all this - and perhaps it's just me - that we are being forced to a constitutional crisis by a president who no longer believes he needs to wear a mask to court public opinion. This reeks of raw will and power.