Just Words

President Obama on the military trial of Khalid Sheik Mohammed:

"I remain convinced we could have handled this in New York. We could have handled it in a normal court."

Oh -- just words. He should have circumvented Congress somehow -- bullied his way around all of its pesky "laws" and "appropriations." It's not like we progressives spent eight years screaming about "the rule of law" and how the president shouldn't be allowed to circumvent Congress to fulfill his agenda.

Unless, that is, all of our screaming was "just words."

Snark aside, the president clearly wanted to close Gitmo and move the KSM trial to New York. Congress passed laws forbidding him from doing that. I'm not sure how progressives believe he could have discovered a legal way around those laws. But they're laws. And the president is not above the law. Yes, we spent eight years screeching about the rule of law.