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Karl Rove: Crossroads GPS Just Like The NAACP!

As a Fox Sunday panel guest, Karl Rove made a dubious equivalency between his right wing political action committee and actual social welfare groups like, The NAACP, The League of Conservation Voters, the Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood, and The National Abortion Rights Action League.

Rove explained why his illegitimately legal money laundering organization is needed in these dark days of record corporate profits, soaring DOW, and deficit reduction.

From Raw Story:

“So what happened is the Democrats had this for decades — literally decades — and no criticism at all, and then Republicans began in 2010 to say if it’s good enough for them, we’ll duplicate that structure as well. And then suddenly we get what we get, which is a huge bunch of activity aimed at conservative groups that are filing as 501(c)4s.”

“The only advantage of a 501(c)4 is it allows you to take your contributions and not pay taxes on them,” Rove insisted. “That’s the one advantage that this allows you to do.”

“And also the donors aren’t revealed,” Wallace pointed out.

“Well, because again, it’s a social welfare organization,” Rove agreed. “This literally goes back to the 1940s when criminal penalties were added for the revelation by the IRS of donors because southern attorneys general were attempting to get the donors to the NAACP.”

1) Actual social welfare groups which Rove insists faced “no criticism at all” for decades is comically absurd on its face, but Rove debunks his own assertion for us within seconds, reminding us that the NAACP has been the target of right wing “social warfare” groups and Communist hunters since the 40s, but we all know the targeting of leftist groups have been going on since someone decided that labor unions and democratic institutions were evil.

B) Republicans have been trying like hell to treat their little I.R.S. hold up at the port of entry for tax exempt status as the same as auditing Karl Rove and Koch brothers, or the NAACP being historically targeted at the highest level by Wingnut presidents and their bureaucratic henchmen. So, when the layperson thinks of the “I.R.S. scandal,” the objective for Republicans is to make them believe that right wing conservatives are equals at the table of government harassment, or the victims of the very worst in political retribution.

I would just like to highlight the fact that Karl Rove is a direct ideological descendant of those southern attorneys general who are still, to this day, attempting to intimidate, silence, and destroy the NAACP and all of those other groups he mentioned. And, he has a head that looks like a ham.